SourceAmerica Careers and Employment

Are you looking for a career change that is fulfilling in the way of helping others? Do you want to provide great opportunities to anyone who needs them? SourceAmerica is the solution with expansive career and employment opportunities. SourceAmerica acts as the liaison between companies needing employees and the future employees themselves. This company prides itself on providing jobs to people all across America with disabilities. Everyone should be able to work and the mission of SourceAmerica is to provide workers with disabilities with the jobs they are qualified for and deserve. You can help by joining the SourceAmerica team in the areas of human resources, employee training, and management.

This organization currently employs between 200-500 employees to aid in the delegation of eligible workers into new job areas. SourceAmerica is teamed with over 500 non-profits throughout the United States which contract employees for the Federal Government. Currently, over 100,000 Americans with disabilities are employed through the connection between SourceAmerica and their non-profit organizations. These jobs provide independence and boosts in confidence to their employees. Additionally, SourceAmerica continues to grow. Join their workforce now to help aid in helping all people with disabilities the opportunities to work, learn and grow.

Not looking for a career change? If you’re currently working for a company in need of employees, SourceAmerica is an expanding, trustworthy organization looking to improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Do not hesitate to be a part of the wave of the future and join the SourceAmerica team. Their growing organization will increase job opportunities over the years. After joining the SourceAmerica team, there are ample opportunities for promotion and change. Your hard work will be rewarded in addition to the fulfillment you can feel helping members of your community. To see more job opportunities come checkĀ